Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - Quote from Pearl S. Buck #BooksWeLove #MFRWauthor

Pearl S. Buck wrote With simplicity and yet there is much to learn from her writing. This quote I found to inspire me. "Communication is quite as important, no, more important than self-expression." Thought about this for a long time and decided what she meant was for the writer to step outside of their own importance and write simply and with passion.

Sitting with a Thesaurus and finding new words or the dictionary takes the writer out of the work. Suddenly what they're writing self-conscious. How can I make this sound fancier. What new metaphor can I add to the strings of metaphores that abound in my work. One stops looking at the story and becomes the one who wants to show just how erudite they are.

We've probably all done this. I remember having a dictionary and a thesaurus at my side as I began writing. Looking frantically to find another word to add to my list of words. One day I became bored with this and put those books aside. Oh, I still use them when I want to know how to spell a word or when a word I've chosen isn't just right. But mostly I write with the words I use most of the time. Trying to make my communication simple enough for others to understand. Doesn't always happen but one must try.

What about you? Are you working with the words you know and adding to them slowly but not to use them to impress people? Have you learned to communicate you must write whatothers can understand and not drown them in words.

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