Friday, January 2, 2015

Saturday's Blurbs - Books By Corinne Peters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveAuthor


Part I: CarpeDiem1 and CarpeDiem Blue1  spans 9 months and introduces Elizabeth Wakefield and Prescott Hamilton to the readers, and to each other, as well as, the strange occurrences that seem to be random but after awhile can’t be and are not.  The portraits of these two strong individuals: Liz, the deceptively ageless Investment Consultant VP for BarnesBlake and Prescott, the mesmerizing Chrm./Pres. & CEO of Global Communications, and their development  into a couple despite their differences, defines the price they pay for that commitment when it becomes known.  They will be pressured to separate by displeased family members; compelled to choose between love and business by corporate management for appearances of impropriety; drugged and raped by a disgruntled ex-fiancée; besieged by suitors and seducers; reduced to be a pawn of revenge; and attacked by hired criminals to be murdered as retribution. Yet Part I is the enheartening story of true love: the recognition, courage, passion, and rewards of being the One, even when not sanctioned by society.    Prescott comes out of the shadows, becomes more compassionate, abandons his womanizing persona and achieves longtime desires as a result of knowing Liz but has reason to fear that he will lose her; an unaccustomed experience with any other woman.  Meanwhile Liz has to resume her own dark personality traits in order to protect herself from the onslaught of men desiring to dominate her in addition to issues of separation from her children and deaths of significant people that substantially change her life.

Part II: CarpeDiem2 and CarpeDiem Blue2 The story shifts to Florence, Italy and follows the couple on their 10 day vacation in Italy, the day after Liz’s Gala rescue.  After 3 weeks separation, Liz is not completely in sync with Sonny and must resolve the problem as well as prepare for the bombardment of attention from Italian men.  Despite the refuge of their Villa estate, a surprise Wedding gift to Liz,  they  are besieged by issues of her past when it is evident that  her return has been discovered, exposing the need for her confession of an unspoken deep dark secret involving her rape and the product of it; the ex from her past wanting to be her present and future; the response by Sonny to abort it which lands him in prison and a concussion for Liz; and the temporary derailment of his secret plans to marry Liz in their Villa chapel in the presence of their family and close friends. They share their honeymoon with family, friends and the reader to be a travel log tour of the art treasures of Florence and Rome. But unknown leaks of their marriage is plastered in all news sources, and negative reports in social media favor the jilted Allison over the usurper Liz. It initiates a frenzy of attacks against Liz, escalating upon their return to NY with actual shootings and the serial targeted killing of women with similar appearances and in places frequented by Liz, to send the message that she is next.  Regardless of the costs and his Bride’s pleads; Prescott goes into protective custody with his Wife to do the same for and with her. The unforeseen benefits of his selfless act of the forced segregation, is their continued close proximity and intensified behavior of the lovers.  The joyous news of their deliverance from the murderous intentions of the vengeful assailants as result of a police sweep is short lived, as a sleeper minion betrays them, kidnaps Liz, and the near fatal car crash jeopardizes their future.

Part III: CarpeDiem3 and CarpeDiem Blue3 is the resolution and explanation of the story’s past and of new beginnings.  Still recovering from her injuries and meningitis infection, out of love for her Husband, Liz considers family creation for Sonny until a misunderstanding almost drives them apart. Sonny meets and falls in love with Liz’s granddaughter Anna, and comes on board with the plan to create a family.  Subsequently, the mystery of who and why the occurrences were conceived and executed are revealed, and the repercussions.  As a result of the sudden loss of weight due to  and because of her extensive injuries, an as yet unknown internal physical consequence comes to be, but  externally Liz  looks even younger, is more attractive than before and is constantly questioned why she married such an old man!  Sonny is not amused.  As a survival celebration Sonny surprises Liz with a romantic trip which culminates with a destination birthday/wedding reception in a Scottish castle surrounded by over 200 friends, family and business associates demonstrating for all time his deep devoted love and their passion, as testified by their Surge to the amazement of their guests.   The refinement of their marriage denotes the physical and emotional deaths of those who wished to negatively impact the couple; but when compassionately handled by Liz, turns many into committed friends and others to receding memories. Two months later,  as a birthday gift  for all that he generously has done, Sonny’s family status is changed by the Kids to Pops while Liz’s is to Papa, a difficult achievement but one which will save them all when a horrific tragedy shatters them.

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