Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday's Blurbs - Featuring Books by Anabelle Bryant


Is there a lady in the land who can resist this scoundrel’s charms?
At her step-mother’s command, Isabelle – and her irrepressible step-sister Lily – are leaving the pleasantries of the English countryside behind them, and heading straight to the bustling heart of a London season. Isabelle couldn’t care less about fashionable society, and is even less interested in the name on the lips of every ballroom gossip - Lord Constantine Highborough, reputedly a scoundrel of the highest order! But once he sets eyes on the stunningly beautiful Isabelle, London’s most notorious rake knows exactly where to direct his devilishly bewitching smile.
And everybody knows that Constantine always gets what he wants, usually leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him…

Rumors of insanity taint his past...undeniable passion dictates his future. Is the temptation of true love strong enough to obliterate the darkness?
Devlin Ravensdale, Duke of Wharncliffe, has created an existence void of society. Content in his solitude, Wharncliffe is hardly prepared for the responsibility of a ward...especially not a woman as breathtakingly beautiful as Alexandra Grantchester.
The lady shuns marriage the same way he deflects social obligation, yet a the lady harbours her own secrets and while a stronger force pulls them together in a tumultuous future of confrontation and disbelief it will take true love to find their happily-ever-after.

A gentleman by day…
 Phineas Betcham, Viscount Fenhurst is one of the country’s most eligible bachelors...which - to the heartbreak of each season’s new debutantes - is the way he intends to keep it. Because the broodingly handsome Viscount has vowed to keep emotions out of the bedchamber. And he is a man who always stays true to his word.
 So when Penelope Rosebery arrives at his home, impoverished and in need of help, Phin is every inch the gentleman. But, beneath the surface, Penelope stirs a protective and passionate instinct within him. With her untamed beauty and lack of social ties, she’s something of a wildflower – delicate, spontaneous, and rare. And before long, Phineas finds himself tempted to abandon his rulebook…and leave etiquette behind until daybreak.   

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