Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday - Talking About My Books - Melodic Dreams #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveAuthor

As usual, the heroine Maria was born under the sign of Cancer. She arrives in Fern Lake with her nephew. His mother died at his birth and she has been looking for the child's father, All she knew was his first name until she was sorting through papers in the attic after her mother's death. She finds the name of her nephew's father. Having just finished her studies to become an Occupational Therapist, she hears about an opening in Fern Lake the town where Jay lives. She applies and accepts the job. Her move is a stealthy one, not wanting her greedy brother to know where she has gone and where the child's father lives.

Jay is a music composer born under the sign of Taurus. When his wife left and her threat to abort the child he wanted, he goes into a downspin. He searched for her. but found no trace. For several years he didn't touch the piano or do any composing. The detective he hired discovered his wife's death in a car accident but there was no mention of a child. He finally straightens himself out and starts to compose again. Then a woman and a child appear on his doorstep. She claims the boy is his son. The child does look like his ex-wife but also like Maria. Then he sees the boy's green eyes that are so like his.

Will Jay accept this child and learn to love him? Will he allow the attraction to Maria die because of her dead sister. For Maria, has she hidden from her brother or will he come to make trouble?

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