Monday, January 26, 2015

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLove

Meander 1 - Dilemma- What do you do when you've promised someone to read their story and you start and can't get past page five. She ahs made every mistake in the book. The book has been published. The right margin is erratic making reading difficult. The first five pages are back story. Yes, it's part of a series but is billed so you think you can read any book in the series without needing to know the back story. Problem is you see the backstory continues for another few pages. Then there are at least ten characters introduced in those five pages. This is my dilemma and I will slog on but can I give it a review. Probably not. I don't like to review the books of others and do it very seldom. I don't like to bad=mouth other people's works.

Meander 2 - My Kindle is while not dead is very sick. I will hve to replace it and I need to know if I have enough money in my account. Will check when I have a moment.

Meader 3 - Writing is going poorly. There isn't enough time to do what I must but I will at least try. to complete this book before the deadline. I thought March but it's now February. Oh well, I'll live.

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