Thursday, May 31, 2012

Books I've Been Reading -- Jude Pittman's mysteries

Jude Pittman is an online friend, partner in one of my publishers but I really discovered her through a group that was a promo group that has evolved into a publisher. I have also read three of her books, all mysteries.

I'll have to admit that I'm a re-reader and I've read her books at least three times. But you know the ending people often tell me. Granted I do. I have a memory that often clings to stories. While I may know the ending, the nuances are what fascinated me. I love mysteries and trying to find the hidden hints to the revelation at the end. Perhaps my love of reading stories again and again is because I do learn how to hone my craft and I'm also a re-writer doing drafts and drafts of a story.

Now back to Jude's stories. Deadly Secrets and Deadly Betrayal take place in Texas. I happen to have two Texas born childr so one of the pleasures in reading Jude's books take me back to my days of living near "the Hospital on the hill" near Ft. Worth. Now the hill was hard to find but that's another story. I have both books on my Kindle and also on two other electronic readers from my past that are now defunct. Kelly the hero is tough and coruageou and the atmosphere of the bar with its characters provides laughter and a few hints to what is going on. I'm really a cat lover but I found Jake, the dog, to be a fascinating creature. The mysteries are well crafted and I do wish there were more of these stories. Sometimes a reader finds a character they don't want to let go and Kelley is one.

I've also read Jude's other mystery Bad Medicine and enjoyed meeting her characters in this story. This is another area to explore and learning about other cultures is a great thing.

So hats off the Jude. Hopefully there will be more books coming.


Jude Pittman said...

Thank you so much Janet for telling your readers about my Indian Creek Texas mysteries. I'm thrilled that you've enjoyed the stories and the characters so much. I love writing about them, and it is such a treat to hear praise like this from such a talented author. The third book in the series, Deadly Casual, will be released in August and I'd love to be invited back and bring a free copy with me for a drawing if your readers would enjoy that. Thanks Janet, Jude Pittman

JL Walters said...

Jude, I'll have you in August for a 2 day event,