Monday, May 28, 2012

28 May - Week Behind and Week Ahead

Hard to believe another month is nearing the end. Last week was a trunicated one since 2 days were spent in Florida with grandchildren and in returning home. The blog schedule was behind and that meant it was sort out of sync. On the writing schedule, I managed to re-write two chapters of The Micro-manager Murder and though I would have written more, at least I'm still headed for the target date.

Coming this week will be the completion of the sixth draft of the book and the start of the final one. So sometime in June I will be done and ready to send the story off into the ether. On Tuesday I'll find some words of inspiration for myself and others. Wednesday will see the start of Wednesdy's with Eileen Charbonneau, a talented writer who has written a book on writing called Elements of the Novel. Not sure how many Wednesdays I'll be doing this. Eileen is a former critique partner whose insights into my stories I sadly miss. Thursday I'll be featuring the stories of Jude Pittman, publisher and whose books I have on my Kindle and have read more than once. I'll also have a post up on obscurekitlit blog. Friday and Saturday will be spent with Karenna Colcroft with How Sje Does It and an excerpt from one of her released. On Sunday I'll visit three blogs. Already have two with interesting tidbits up. Looks like the week will be busy.

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