Thursday, May 24, 2012

Books and thoughts -- Lee Killough and Vampires

Decided to take a break from giving away my books and to talk about the books of others. I don't do reviews but I can talk about books I have enjoyed recently since loading them into my Kindle. This time it's about Lee Killough and Vampires. Though I have all of her other books available for the Kindle on mine I've decided to talk about these today. Years ago, I read The Monitor, The Miners and The Shree. A detective story that after all these years I still remember the title and the story.

First, you must be aware of this face. I do not like Vampires. I once did a blog on this. Vampires are cold and clammy creatures. I'll admit to a few who have captured my attention. Some of them are villains but a few are heroes. It's more to their inner nature that I find some of these heroes and villans to be of interest. I am a re-reader and will be re-reading these books again. That's how much I like them.

Blood Games and Blood Hunt are the titles of the books. Just two and I found myself wishing there were more. I like mysteries and I like paranormal. Lee Kellough has managed to combine the two in the stories of Garreth Mikaelian. He is a police detective who is turned into a vampire. What I really liked was that his nature didn't change. He is into catching the bad guys and punishing them. Sometimes according to the law and sometimes because the bad guy or gal is a vampire. I found the world created for the hero to live in fascinating and logical for who and what he was. He has ties to his family that he maintains. I found that a plus. I'm not reviewing the books. That's not what I do but if I was rating these two stories I'd give them 5 out of five. The writing is crisp and everything flowed together and I was pulled from page to page. So whether you like vampires or not, try these books and you'll find a hero to admire and to sympathize with as he struggles to merge his old and his new lives. Sure wish there were more. I hated to reach those words. The End.

Good job, Lee. Enjoyed your other books as well.

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