Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekend blog guest hasn't arrived - So it's my take today

A guest doesn't show up. This happens and there's not much one can do athe event or in this case the non-event. What I must remember is to remind these people a week or more ahead. I;m not sure where I found this guest. When I'm looking for Friday and Daturday guests, I mention this on different lists. I've forgotten interviews so from now on, as soon as i receive the invitation, I'll do the questions and send them right away. Of course this would be better if I could find where these things are stored in the computer. That would be a plus. Sometimes I feel completely inept especially since this is a relatively new computer and it has secrets.

Do your computers have secrets and hide things where you can't find them? Mine does.

My latest release is Code Blue and is a medical suspense. I love the villain in this story. Sometimes he seems normal, sometimes crazy but he has motives and goals, not really the ones we would think of as proper but he nearly achieves all of them. I like the heroine. She wants to be independent, in fact, she's obsessed with the need to maintain her independence. Her dead husband was a controller and she doesn't want that to happen again. The hero worries about hr but he finally learns she will be independent.

The story I'm currently crafting has a heroine who has been on her own for thirty years, raised a son, had two careers and is marrying a man who has been her friend through her life's journey. She also is independent and she certainly controls her own life, sometimes making my critique partners crazy. She isn't a romantic. Fifteen years ago, the man she has now married didn't fight for their love but allowed his teenage daughter to prevent a marriage then. Though friends, Kate will maintain her independence. She also isn't one for sappy romantic things. She loves Lars and tells him but she will go her own way. He understands and accepts.

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