Thursday, May 17, 2012

How The Story Began - All Our Yesterdays

An autographed copy of All Our Yesterdays will be given to one person giving me a way to reach them. The drawing won't be until Tuesday since I will be away from the computer for the next few days.

Contrary to what people believe, All Our Yesterdays is a reincarnation novel, not a time travel. THis story actually began as a serial. But before that I had this fascination with Egypt and I began to read books about the ancient culture. I have a lot of books about ancient Egypt on my shelves. I came across a time during the invasion of the Hyksos when the land was in termoil and hit upon a name that fastinated me. Not sure why. The man was a commander of the army with ambitions. Not sure what happened to him but his character started to form. Another thing I read was that the daughter of the Pharaoh and marriage to her was required for the next one in line to become the ruler. The what if went off in my head and the heroine was born, Since I wanted to write a spicy serial, there had to be a contemporary part and some way for the heroine ot remember the past life. Thinking about this took time until I decided an antique store would be a good place.

This decision brought me to what happened next. In a reincarnation story, I believe the main characters must be there, perhaps in different persons, so I had to decide which characters should be present. Thus the hero and heroine must be there. Then I gave the heroine a father figure who loved her, a best friend. Now the time to cast the villain. What evolved were two, a woman and a man, each with a different way to challenge the hero and the heroine. The villainess was always opposed to the heroine but the villain often posed as the hero's friend. Stitting this all together gave me the basic plot for the story. Then I had to decide what time periods to choose.

Egypt was easy. For Babylon, I chose a time of chaos and followed this through with each of the other lands chosen to explore. The journey was long before I reached the end. In fact, I had written a version with the modern era different from what it ended up that went nowhere. This I discovered hand-written in a note book and realized the historical areas were great but the modern story lacked fire. Thus the change.


okbarbie5 said...

Boy this sounds like a very interesting and good book for summer reading...thanks

Terri Bruce said...

This sounds really interesting - I love ancient civilizations: Eygpt, Babylon, Sumeria, etc. And there aren't a ton of re-incarnation stories...this sounds fascinating!