Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - A visit with Eileen Charbonneau - Elements of The Novel

Today and for the next 12 weeks, the tips will be provided by Eileen Charbonneau, a classy writer and former critique partner. The Elements of the Novel is written in a form easy to read and one that gives tips to aid the beginning writer help and also to help the experienced writer remember things perhaps forgotten. Eileen has written a number of award winning stories that are both evoctive and poetic. I have a number of her books on my shelves and will place this one there with honor. Now to the tips.

The first chapter speaks of Process. Just what is this? The Process is the way a writer approaches their craft. The first element is finding time. Most writers don't have the luxury of beginning to write with all the time in the world. They have jobs and families and other responsibilities. For one to be a writer, they have to find the time and a regular routine. Just like fitting exercise into a person's life an aspiring writer must find a time and a routine. Do you have an hour, a weekend, the ability to write for an entire day? Making the time is important and making it a regular part of your day is vital.

The second element is Product. Without putting the words on paper there would be no product. Eileen has an interesting look at plotter vs panster. I happen to agree with her. As a writer I am a bit of both and that's mainly because plot is an important part of my way of creating books. So do you do volumes of planning before your begin or do you gather your characters and set out to write their story? Perhaps you do a bit of both. Putting the words on paper is the Process.

Eileen, Thanks for sharing your expertise with us and I'm looking forward to many more weeks with The Elements Of The Novel.

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