Monday, May 7, 2012

7 May - Week ahead and week behind

The winner of an autographed copy of The Temple of Fyre is Sharon Baker who gave me no way to get in touch with her. I'll need an email address so I can send the copy to her.

Did a Nook Book signing at the Palisades Mall on Saturday and made an interesting contact what I'll tell the chapter about on Saturday. Also talked to the person arranging the signing about having us on a regular basis and bringing in some copies of our print books that could be kept aside for when we had a signing. Will see what happens here.

Last week I took a step I've been avoiding for a long time. Having a series with one publisher was something I thought was the right thing to do, but after a year of not hearing anything about the submission of the last book in a series, I decided to seek another publisher for it. I also asked for the rights back to other books that were out of contract. I really liked being with this publisher but I was tired of hearing promises and never receiving answers. Perhaps I should have done this before but I didn't. So now I'm in the process of preparing four books for re-release at a new publishers. Finished one last week and will do the others this week.

The Micro-manager Murder is coming along very well but will be the shortest of the mysteries in the series. But as usual there are some interesting twists and turns occurring. Some of my critique partners are worried about Katherine's actions but to me they are perfectly natural. After all she's been a widow for 30 years and has gone her own way for that long. Marriage isn't going ot change her nature.

Hope to finish another draft this week and then there will be just 2 to go and I can write the end. Love writing the end since I have another story waiting in the wings. Lines of Fire is a fantasy and perhaps the start of a series. Then there's the final of the alternate Egypt stories to write, the final in the Seduction series and a final Katherine story, plus a number of other stories rolling in my head. Getting ideas has never been my problem, it's the writing of them that takes the time.

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Penny's Tales said...

Good morning...Nice article. That is terrible news on your series. I hear things like this happens a lot. I am curious to know how one does a nook book signing?

Thanks for the post!