Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday's Inspiration - Courage and Creativity

When I was reading the latest segment in The Courage To Create by Rollo May, I came upon a bit about technology and creativity. "Poets are menaces on the assembly line." This brought me to think about the booming technological advances in the field of writing. We have advanced so far and I wonder what will be next. With the explosion of the ereaders and that they're coming down slowly in price are more people reading? I do know that more people are writing. Some of these writers are very creative people and some follow along in the same old same old mold. Sometimes I feel as though I belong in both categories. What about you?

Has the advent of new technology made you more creative or less? I read a great deal and sometimes I read for contests where the books are already published. What I've found is that about half of these books are creative and stir my imagination and the other half bore me. But it's been that way with my reading for years.

How does one deal with remaining creative when anything a person can write can be published and sold? Some days it means stepping back and writing what you want to express rather than what sells and is so much like everything else that sells. To remain creative in this booming technological society means taking the time to listen to the inner voice that whispers in your ear.

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