Monday, August 22, 2011

22 August - Week behind and week ahead

A bit slow getting to this this morning. Last week finished the rough draft of The Chosen of Horu. Now comes the fun. Turning the 25,000 words into a story that makes sense. The rough draft often has a multitude of holes. There are some with plot, some descriptions of places and people that have been left out. There is also the reaseach material needed to bring the story to reflect the alternate world Egypt begun in The Warrior of Bast. When will I finish. Who knows? Until it is nearly finished I won't send anything to the publisher. Unlike other people I don't write on spec and I don't announce anything until I am completely satisfied with a work. Just my obsessing, I guess. Also finished contest reading and it was an interesting time. Won't talk about that again.

This coming week I'll be working on the plot draft of The Chosen of Bast and getting all the plot lines orderly. While doing that there will also be some research done, especially to fill in settings that move the plot, giving names to people and places to fit the land and the time I've chosen. There will be scenes sketched in. Mostly these are the ones that say There's a fight here or they make love. Don't get involved in fleshing those our when doing a rough draft.

On the blog Tuesday will be Inspiration, Wednesday Plot, Thursday an interview with Rosalie Lario, Friday more on Revision and Saturday a new chapter to explore, Sunday I'll visit three blogs.

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