Monday, August 15, 2011

15 August - Week behind and week ahead

Last week saw me finishing blocking out The Pharaoh of Horu. Thirty-three chapters. Probably when finished the book will be between 70 to 80 thousand words. Hopefully it will be a fun filled adventure for my characters. Last week I also began reading several books. Of the three so far only one has captured my attention. Hopefully the others will be better. Have also been thinking about the beginning writers I've been mentoring and want to make sure they are finishing the book. Starting too many projects can dilute the impact of what one wants to say. Immersing in a story and living with the characters is the way to go. Heard two new writers read from their pages on Saturday and the ideas are good and the writing also good. We talked a bit about show don't tell and about where to begin a story.

Coming this week are the usual posts on the blog and an interview with Patricia Esmer. Will be working on the second draft of Pharaoh and hope to finish seven chapters of the filling in the holes in the plot, looking at the settings and developing the characters. This draft hopefully will put all the words in the right direction and subsequent drafts will be more of the filling ones. In the rough draft, there are many of those "fight goes here. love scene here" sort of thing that will be filled in as the mood strikes.

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