Monday, August 29, 2011

29 August Week behind and week ahead

Irene has come and gone. No power for 12 hours and that was frustrating to say the least. Was able to write using a high power battery operated lantern. At least I was able to do my usual post before the lights went out.
Was interviewed at romancebooksrus and gave a bit more of who I am. The Chosen of Horu is going well with the rough drft done and am not working on the next draft which makes sure the plot is going right. Had to rejoin Twitter and now have some of my books on Kindlegraphs which I have many more books to put up on the site.

This week I'll be interviewed by another site. Vampires are the feature but also the author does other books, Am working on a spotlight for a whole month on another site for September. Will work on The Chosen and this time give some secondary characters names that fit and also building in some of the setting. Then fortunately or unfortunately, two more ideas popped into my head for two more in the Seduction series. But they won't be done for a bit. Need to order some books Quests, Sweet Seduction and Dragons of Fyre. This never ends.

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