Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's Inspiration -- Courage and Creativity

When the unconscious speaks I believe the writer enters what people say is the "zone." The story becomes the reality for a few minutes, an hour or even days. How does this happen?

There is a break through in something the writer has been clinging to, an idea that is holding back the act of creating. An insight is born that must be explored. At first this may seem illogical but suddenly the thought makes sense. Questions arrive. Should I take this path? What does this really mean? If I take the new direction how does it fit with what I've already written?

There is guilt and fear during this moment but there is also a joy of discovery and the feeling of fulfillment. Suddenly words fly and the writer has found the "zone." At least for this moment. Then it's back to slogging again until the zone reaches out to grab again.

Often this moment occurs in that split second between work and relaxation.

This is not an experience to be struggled for but one that appears and when it does the writer must jump into the stream and ride the rapids.

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