Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's Inspiration - Courage and Creativity

When reading the Courage to Create by Rollo May I found some words I wrote in the margine. Also underlined a lot of things in the book but this was about keeping those creative moments from arriving by being so busy with outside things. This brought the amount of time I perhaps waste with the social media. But there's another side to that. It's really not time wasted because something I may read on one of the many groups I belong to will drop a seed in my unconscious and this seed may join other seeds and become an idea.

Another thing this brought home to me was the need for alone time. There are people who are so afraid to be alone with themselves they are constantly on the look for people. To be creative one has to be part of the social life and part of the alone life. What I wrote that triggered this post was this.

During the school strike when they kids were home for months day in and day out I prayed for some alone time. I like to be alone with my thoughts because sometimes I make sense.

And sometimes that marvelous creative idea arrives and voila one has the start of a new story or the tangled middle untangled or the dynamite ending they have been searching for. Being with people and being social can feed the times when one is alone. Being with others us usually easy. Being alone can be hard.

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