Monday, August 1, 2011

1 August - Week behind and week ahead

Last week saw the end of July and for me a new computer I'm just getting used to. Lost all my favorite places but am slowly regaining them. Good thing was that my documents managed to be downloaded. Now I have to see what else needs to be gathered and put onto this new thing.

Writing went well. I've now blocked in 18 chapters of The Pharaoh of Horu and hope to finish blocking in the rest this week. If not I'll finish it next week, Then the fun begins since there will be about 28000 to 30000 words of what should come in at 75000 words. I'll head into the draft section of the writing process and that's where the idea really becomes a story.

Next week's goals. A minimum of blocking in 7 chapters of the book. The maximum to get to the end of the rough draft or the blocking stage. Next will be filling in what I left out which is mostly everything.

Had few bites on the last two contests I've done and I have a lot of books I'd like to give away. I think I left too little lead time and didn't advertise them enough. Guess I'll wait until December and do another one like last December.

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