Monday, August 8, 2011

8th August - Week Behind and Week ahead

The week behind - Sometimes there are more snags than one can navigate. Last week found one such thing. Decided to do the hardwood floors and wax them. Missed doing it this spring. No wax meant an unexpected trip to the grocery store. Then there was the testing my husband and I do for a research project. Used to take about two and a half hours. This year four hours and a bit. They added several sections that made no sense. Husband said they'd been written by a psychologist. Had been. Company over the weekend complete with dinner out and a lot of visiting, plus the spread sheet came for a contest I'm coordinating a section of. Took two days to get everything out. Now I must keep track of all these people to make sure they're reading the books.

I do have blocked 26 chapters of the Pharaoh of Horu and hope to finish blocking this week. Seems that wants to extend me a bot. Thought there would be 26 to 30 chapters. Might be 32 or 33. Guess that's what it will be.

This week the goal is to finish the rough draft of the book, Should come in at 30,000 to 40,000 meaning I should make the word length I've set for the book. Love it when that happens.

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Shoshanna Evers said...

Sounds like you're a woman with a busy schedule! Good luck with those floors, and your mss :)