Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday -- Plotting

Last week was four of the ways to get the over the top into the story. Today the other four will be looked at.

5. Do not have a multitude of these events or situations in the story. Too many will confuse the reader and also make what you're writing seem to have no direction. If there seems to be more than one improbability make sure they are all connected to a single cause.

6. Don't undercut your improbability by treating it with humor if you want this to be taken seriously. Don't turn it into a dream or show it's really something that can be explained by a science that doesn't exist.

7. Don't discuss the improbability in narrative summary. Better to show this through dialogue or action. Dialogue is the best way since this makes it believable. You want the reader to believe in the possiblity of the improbable.

8. Do not let this improbability take over the story and taking away from the characters. If you're using a magical character, making him or her all powerful with no flaws will make the story fall flat. Each character must have strengths and flaws to make them shine. Don't have your monster in every chapter. Spread the effects of the improbable element show through the story.

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