Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday's Writer's Trip - Revisions three ways

Revision is what makes a story shine. There are three kind of revisions - though actually the two sort of go along with the way one writes. Not talking here about if one plots or one is a panster. The revision depends on if they're a draft writer or not.

The draft revision is the first. This means the story is told from beginning to end and then revisions are made with each draft. A writer who uses this system may have as many drafts as it takes. I'm this kind and there are usually five after the initial rough draft. Think of a painter as they layer more and more daubs of paint to the picture until the scene is revealed.

The block revision is the second type. Here the writer hones each scene before they go on to the next. Sometimes they revise each sentence before they move on. By the time they reach the end they have a near perfect story.

Strengthening revision is used by both and comes after the book is finished. Here the writer reads for story, characters, looking for plot holes, choosing more expressive words. This is like the final polishing before the story is sent out into the cold, sometimes cruel world.

Which kind of revision is your choice? Remember neither is wrong and neither is right. What matters is what works for you and that you polish your story to near perfection. Remember there are no perfect stories. Each one you write is perfect at that time but when looking back one can always find something to change.

Next week one of the three will be further explored.

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