Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday's Inspiration -- Bird By Bird - The Last Class

Finally finished Bird By Bird for who knows how many times. Have enjoyed exploring the things Anne Lamott writes about as a way of helping other writers. She titled this one, The Last Class. Most of the segment is a summary of what was written before.

What struck me this time is the bit about writing from vengeance. Here's my take on this. Writing about the painful moments or the people who have caused them can be cathartic. Of course you must be careful to disguise the people you're either making villains or lampooning. One doesn't want to give grounds for being sued. I have used this devise many times in my writing. Taking something that hurts or someone who has hurt you can help your own growth. Often I do this in a humorous way and sometimes not. One can also take this incident or person and turn them one hundred eighty degrees and make the event or the person be what you would like them to have been.

That's the beauty or writing. Taking the things you feel, the people you both love and hate, the times that have changed or not changed your life and turning them into a story with a basic truth at the bottom, often buried but it's there to be polished and enjoyed.

Thanks to Anne Lamott for being an inspiration to me. If you haven't read the book, I suggest you find a copy and enjoy.

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