Monday, June 6, 2011

6 June -- Week ahead and week behind -- Reluctant heros

As usual, last week was a busy one. Finished the final edits on The Henge Betrayed -- Quests. Managed to reconfigure The Doctor's Dilemma for Books We Love Publishing Partnership and sent it off. Managed to block out the ending of A Sudden Seduction and am busy getting the rough draft completed and some revisions on the first few chapters. Went to my granddaughter's dance recital and watched her perform. She's the smallest in her age group but very into doing things perfectly.

Coming this week -- Being featured at New Concepts on the author promotion page and doing a chat there from 7 to 9 on the 8th. Hopefully the page will be up soon since the web designer was a bit behind. I will check soon. Tuesday will be Bird BY Bird Inspirations, Wednesday more on Plot. Thursday's interview is with Myra Nour a fellow NCP author, Friday is looking at Revisions, Saturday ist chapter will be A Marriage -- Inconvenient and Sunday three blog visits.

Will keep moving on A Sudden Seduction- The hero of this book was the most reluctant I've ever had. Showed him 10 heroines before he was able to pick one and even then he tried to fight but he is caught majorly.

What about you? Ever have a reluctant hero, one who is picky about the woman he will spend the rest of his fictional life with?

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