Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday's Writer's Tip - Revision -- Draft writers

Last week was about the two kinds of Writers. This week we'll look at the advantages of being a draft writer. Next week we'll look at the revise as you go type.

Not all draft writers work the same way. Some write out the rough draft on paper and the second draft is done on the computer. Others do many drafts by hand. Some print out the rough draft and makes changes until it must be typed again so they can see where they are. The main advantage of choosing this way to write is that the story is down and the revisions can be done chapter by chapter, scene by scene or looking at things like a dialogue revision, a character revision, a plot revision and as many drafts as it takes to make the story the best that can be done.

The rough draft gives the writer a place to start.

Now for some advantages.

1.A bit of psychology as the writer can say this is only rough.
2.The thrill of new discoveries and the excitement of seeing a story unfold.
3. A 2qy to discover where the story is going. For some draft writers the rough draft is little more than a lengthy synopsis sometimes pages and pages long.
4.Having a rough draft lets the writer know the entire story from beginning to end.
5.The early drafts give room to try new directions that may or may not work. Remember "it's only a draft."
The time between drafts allows the writer time to change directions if needed, to plan new scenes or to develop sketchy ones into full and satisfying scenes.

I think of draft writers as painters starting with the base coat and adding the details to make the story, like a painting, come alive.

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Anonymous said...

It always amazes me the vast number of ways writers write. I'm also finding each of my books are written and revised in a unique way all its own. Obviously, at least for me, it's an evolving process. :)

Great advice for beginners and published authors alike, Janet.