Monday, June 13, 2011

13 June -- Week behind and week ahead.

A look at last week. Began the re-formatting of a Double Opposition and am well into getting it done. Am about half done with A Sudden Seduction and it may be among the hottest I've done for a long time, especailly since the last one was YA. Had a real upsweep in visits to the blog and have no idea why but I'll keep at it. Went to the June meeting of the chapter and had a good time. About 9 of us present. Several practiced pitches getting ready for the conference in New York. I'm not going. I'll leave that for the younger set.

Coming this week is to get further with both projects from last week and to begin the final one for re-edits. Tomorrow, more Bird by Bird, Wednesday more on Plotting, Thursday Debra Solus will be the interviewee, Friday more on revision, Saturday The Doctor's Dilemma will be ist chapter and Sunday, must find more blogs to visit.

One thought for today is about the friends who have fallen by the wayside in writing. I have at least two who are strong and interesting writers, much better than I am but for different reasons they have given up, one after being published and one who never made the published state. I wish I knew how I could push them to begin again but I guess each person must find it within themselves. What do you think?

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Liz said...

I think eventually they will get back to it.