Monday, June 20, 2011

20 June - Week Behind and Week Ahead

Last week was full of interesting things. I finished keying in the four books that will go with bwlpp and two of them have been released. The Doctor's Dilemma and Gemstones. Finished the galleys of The Henge Betrayed -- Quests so that book will be out soon. I seem to do things in blocks these days. Have finished the rough draft of a Second Seduction and will be busy getting it in order to send out. Then it will be on to something new.

During the coming week on Tuesday I'll do the last Bird By Bird inspiration and will find a new book to see what I can garner. Wednesday will find me again doing a post on Plotting, Thursday's interview is with Hal Thompson, a fellow Zumaya author. Friday will be more on revision. Saturday the first chapter of Gemstones and Sunday three more blogs to visit. Unless I find something wonderful and unusual I'll be posting the blogs belonging to my followers. So now it's back to work.

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