Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday -- On Plot

If you're writing a novel you have to think about the long view. This means not putting all the information up front but giving hints about what will come next. One scene builds into the next. Knowing what the major points and having an idea about which scenes will be used to reveal them is always a plus. But the revelation can cause a problem. Blocking the scene in an outline form can be a help.

Revelation can have several other problems. When giving hints and doing a bit of foreshadowing make sure you aren't pushing this too hard, like a mother trying to get a child to eat something they don;t want to eat. Subtle wins the days. Give enough of a hint to alert the reader and leave it. Giving twenty hints about the same coming event in the scene will become annoying.

Another thing that keeps the reader moving is finding a twist that makes the reader wonder what will happen next or what is the meaning of the scene. Not only does this make the reader think but it enriches the plot.

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AlanChinWriter said...

Very nice interview, Dorien. I've read several of your interviews and I learn something new each time. Congrats on the new book soon to come out.

alan chin