Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday's Writer's Tip - Coloring your story

Interesting day here and had to re-post Thursday's interview. Took me back to Wednesday. Now on to the writer's tip.

Coloring your writing. When you hear the titles of a number of books, they bring images to mind, especially when a color is added. The Scarlet Letter is one, Using colors when describing a person or a scene can help a reader envision what you're saying. Certain colors mean special things to some people. When describing a fall vists. you could say the leaves flaunted their bright colors or you could say the yellows, oranges and reds of the leaves resembled the jeweled colors of a Persian carpet. The reader might see the first in a vague way but naming the colors brings the image vividly to mind and perhaps a scene they've actually seen,

Often objects are shown the speeding car but the dark green car sped toward the yellow bus. To me the yellow bus means a school bus and right away I see a tragedy in the making.

Ebon eyes like pools of the night ring better than her dark eyes shone. The color of people's clothes matter. For years white uniforms reminded people of nurses. Now nurses wear clothes of many colors. Perhaps the heroine's or hero's choice of colors in their clothing may have a meaning to them and to the reader. I have a granddaughter who refused to wear pink when she was a child. Not long ago, she told me she could wear pink now. Not sure what that means. If she were a character in a book you'd better believe I'd look into the matter.

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