Monday, May 23, 2011

23 May - Week Behind and week ahead

Revisions, revisions and more revisions. Yes, there are three in my past and in my future. Had to stop keying in the self-revisions for Confrontations to do the ones for Quests. That was a slight problem since I have no idea how to use the editing program being used. I have a vague idea and am able to put in my comments but I have no idea how to delete the ones I either agree or disagree with. Therefore the editor is going to get a huge mess. Then somewhere in the middle the colors changed from red to blue. Makes no sense and I have no idea what I did. Been working on them for four days and should finish today. Then hopefully I'll get all the ones I want to put in Confrontations so I can send it off before I'm back to the ones on Moon Pool.

Now for this week. I've a fair start on A Sudden Seduction and will continue with that as my creative time. On Thursday Linda Andrews will be my interviewee. Had a really good bunch fill out the interviews this time so I'm set for a few more weeks there. Have several interviews to complete. Need to double time. On Saturday the chapter will be from The Amber Tower and then it's on to other stories. I would also like to get some rights' back books sent out again. There is not enough time in my days.

Sounds like I'm whining but I guess everyone has those days.

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