Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Inspiration - Bird By Bird - Jealousy

Jealousy -- According to Ann Lamott, it's a natural part of being a writer. I agree and I've suffered it many times. Thses days I'm usually able to get over it quicker. Happens when one sees another writer have the success you crave. Also happens when this person throws their successes in your face. That is the worst and often one has to take a time out from that person and that friendship. Finding a sympathetic listener is also good.

She spends a lot of words talking about how she felt and I know I've shared her thoughts. "Get over it." that is the hard part but it is possible. Think of the pressure such success lands on the author's shoulders after a big success. Sure you want that too. Or do you. I'm not sure I do any more, yet there are those dreams of best selling, award winning that occur. I don't think any author can stop thinking about that but one can's put their whole career on aiming for that goal. One learns with time to do the best they can at the moment.

I do advise every author to read Bird by Bird and see how the book can inspire them. This finished the second segment of the book and next week I'll see if the third part inspires me. I'm sure it will.

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