Monday, May 2, 2011

2 May -- Week Behind - Week Ahead

Time seems to fly and work seems to crawl at a snail's pace. Have finished the fourth section of Confrontations and one more to ge. Unfortunately that took some re-writing, not really adding new scenes but to make the flow and the sense of the ones already written make sense. Several times in the hast to finish this book that seems to have taken over my life, I wimped out on a scene and had to expand. Not fun but it had to be done. Should finish the re-writes this week and be able to send this off. There will be loud shouts of joy. Had to put A Sudden Seduction aside for a short time. There are edits coming up that will be a new experience for me. Not sure I'm ready for an on-hands session since for me revisions mean re-writing. We shall see. Fortunately my hair is already gray.

Coming up in the week ahead. Tuesday - Still being inspired by Bird By Bird, Wednesday will be more on Plot, Thursday will find an interview with Helen Madden, a very talented writer and artist, Friday a Writer's tip. This one may be on reading. Saturday I'll start with chapters or sections of the Amber Chronicles and when those stories are done, I'll be looking at the books that may find a new home somewhere in the future. They were available until a publisher or two set them free. Sunday 3 more blog visits to share.

Coming up this week are two blog visits On the fifth I'll have an interview and I have an article up on Romancebooksrus on the 7th.

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