Monday, May 16, 2011

16 May - Week Ahead and Week Behind

Forgot to mention this. Just finished reading Healing the Mage by Gianna Simone and really enjoyed the read which is a bit different from my usual reading material. Well done, my friend.

The edits aren't finished but are on hold for a bit buty they will be finished soon, I hope. This week I'll be working on the rough draft of A Sudden Seduction and finishing the editing on Confrontations. Tuesday is Bird By Bird. There is much to be digested in this book. Wednesday will be more on Plot. Thursday Dorien Grey is the interviewed. Friday another Writer's Top. Saturday first chapter of The Amber Dragon, my favorite of the Amber Chronicles and Sunday 3 blogs visited.

Last week was given over to edition. I don't like sitting at the computer for hours on end and when finished my brain felt fried. Did this four days running. Also heard that I'll be getting the edits for Quests no. 3 of the Henge series. Timing is almost good on that.

Been thinking about expectations and always find it wonderful how the expectations of various writing friends differ. Do they write for money or for the love or writing? I don't think anyone should become a writer unless they love every aspect from putting the initial words down to the revisions. The revisions should be where the writer looks from two views as writer and reader. Sometimes hard to do.

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