Monday, May 30, 2011

30 May -- Week Behind and Week Ahead

Last week was a busy one since I was involved with three sets of revisions and actually they were done in three different ways. Finished the ones of Quests but had a bit of a problem since I could never figure out how to get rid of all the remarks and marks by both the editor and myself. Fortunately she can do this. What I really needed was a step by step plan that I could print out and read. I learn from reading rather than by doing. The second set was my own and that means having a print copy of the segment I'm revising with written notes in, on and around the verbage. This way for me is easy and so it was. The third way was on line in cyberspace with the editor and I participating. This took a long time, hours staring at the computer with notes left for me to go back and correct. While interesting and fun to interact with the editor, plus watch her format line by line and to approve or disapprove changes immediately the process was long and sitting at the computer for that lone rather fried my brain for thought well into the evening of each day.

Good thing about last week was that I finally figured how to plug all the holes in the plot of A Sudden Seduction. It's fun watching a man get hooked and try to get away from a woman he hurt when they were teenagers. But he's a neat guy and she's quite worthy.

This week I'll be continuing to work on A Sudden Seduction, Am up to the point where her former fiance is going to get his. He's not a villain, only a fool. Tomorrow I'll be continuing with Bird By Bird, Wednesday, looking at plotting, Thursday's interview is with Erin Dameion Hill, Friday more tips on Revision, Saturday a chapter and I'm not sure which one and Sunday visits to three blogs.

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Anonymous said...

HI Janet! I am currently working on revisions to my new novella which I finished this month in my spurt of may 50k and now have to plug all the holes. Glad your revisions are going well. I am also behind, especially on my favorite blogs like yours!