Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday's Writer's Tip - Revision

To some, revision is a dirty word but to others that's what makes a story sing. There are many reasons to revise a story. Among them are making sure each word says what you want to say. Don't know about you, but often when I'm revising I come across something I've written in the heat of the first burst of creating a world and realize I'm not sure what I meant. Those first words that flow onto the paper may not be the right ones.

Do you dare change them. Of course. The words you write in a sentence, a paragraph or a scene aren't embossed on the paper or inside the computer to remain forever and cannot be changed. You might think of a different verb, one that makes the picture clearer or see the slant of the scene needs to be changed. Do it. Don't be afraid to cross our words, rewrite a scene or change the whole direction of the story you're telling.

Remember revising could be the difference between rejection and acceptance.

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