Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday's inspiration -- Still Bird By Bird and a bit more

Before I ger to Bird By Bird, I'll speak a little about dandilions. Today I was inspired by all the wonderful yellow flowers on my lawn. I know many people look on them as pests but for me they're a sign that the short days of wanter are really gone. I also love them when their heads turn gray and the seeds can be blown off. Guess in that respect I'm still a kid.

Now for Bird By Bird. Ann Lamott is talking about the two voices in the writer's head. One is the praising side and the other is the negative head. Seems perfectly natural to me. When finishing a book or a story I think, and probably a lot of other writers think "This is the best thing I've ever written. It's sure to be a best seller." Then that other side comes in and says, "No editor will see the brilliance or the readers won't buy." One has to find a way to ignore both voices and just keep doing.

Another thing in this essay brought to mind my first television interview for a local channel. years ago. I've only done two and not sure I'd ever want to do another. The first one was the worst. A two hour live show with call ins. I'd jsut sold the third book in about four months. I was told by the host/producer of the show that I was the most poised guest he'd ever had and I managed not to sputter and stutter. I have no real recollection of what I did or said. I had spaced out into another dimension. I was wearing a dark green pants suit and my calf hugging cordova leather boots. On the way home My feet felt strange and I couldn't figure why. Then I took off my boots and found I had clawed the feet out of my panty hose. So maybe i looked and sounded cool and collected. That was outside, but inside I was scared. Is there a moral here? Maybe it's that one can do what they must to promote their books. Of the second interview all I have is a video that I've never viewed.

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Allie Boniface said...

Oh what a story! The image of the pantyhose is too much...but you're right - what we'll do to promote our "babies".....