Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday's Writer's Tip - On Being Prolific - Thanks Isaac Asimov

While looking through my shelves for something to use as writer's tips I came across a book with essays of writers who are or were famous and thought I'd look at them and see what they have to offer. One was a short essay written by Isaac Asimov one of my favorite science fiction authors. This was a list of things you should do to become a prolific writer. I'll list the tips . They made me chuckle.

1. You have to like to write. If you don't you'll have to find another dream. This is true of any writer, even those who write slow. This is a good tip to remember.

2. You must not like much besides writing. This tip is a bit harder to consider. There are other things than writing and sometimes they get in the way. Also sometimes writing gets in the way of other parts of life.

3 You need self-assurance. This one made me laugh. Mr. Asimov's take is that you must be convinced what you've written is perfect and there's no need for revision. You can change a sentence once but not a million times.

4. Never lose time. Time is something that can't be replaced. He talks about ways not to waste time. Becoming antisocial, hiring people to do some of your work, never answering mail.

He ends with saying to concentrate on being a good writer and leave prolific for those who can't help it.

What about you, are you trying to become prolific or are you just trying to tell the stories and allow each one to take the time needed to turn your dreams into a good story?

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