Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Plotting - Scenes

Now to look at scenes. Each scene in the story should have a beginning a middle and an end. There's also something else that needs to be shown. Not really foreshadowing but a spur to make the reader want to go on. Each scene has a purpose and a problem to be solved but solving the problem should point to more problems as the story unfolds. If the problem solved ends completely, the story will end there or will fall flat.

What are some of the kinds of scenes" First meetings and this doesn't necessarily have to be the first few scenes of a story. A significant character can be met at a later time.

Discovery scenes are those which reveal new data about the character and the problem. These are generally significant discoveries.

Crisis scenes - where something threatens to bring failure to the hero or heroine in achieving their goal. If you have more than one main character, there may be more than one crisis.

Black moment scene -- Here the main character or characters believe they have failed. Believed is the key word. This brings an intensity to the story and this scene must be played out, as all main scenes should.

Climax scene - Here is the final battle no matter what kind of story you're writing.

Resolution scene that follows the climax and gives the ending of the story.

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