Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tueday's Inspiration - Bird By Bird

This segment of Bird By Bird really brought some thoughts flying about mine and other people's writing. It was on the Moral Point of View. When I first read the short essay I wondered what it meant. Then I saw this sentence. "A moral position is not a message." Really made me think about what I write and wondered what my passionate caring was.

Looking over the things I've written are a number of things I feel passionate about. One is about the person who helps himself rather than sitting back and waiting for someone to solve things for him or her. Another is that life isn't fair and one must learn to find their own fairness. Another thing is called shooting for the stars but if you hit the fence post you've at least tried. Sort of small successes are as great as large ones. I also believe in love, not in the passionate sense of male/female or what ever choice one makes but a love for even the bad guys I often put in my books.

I will probably be thinking about this essay for a long time. What about you? What are your passions? Can you weave them into your story without preaching or bludgeoning people over the head with what your passions about life are? That's a good goal to aspire to. To let the passion inside slide into the story so people are inspired, even if what you write is considered light reading by some.

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