Monday, April 4, 2011

4 April - Week Behind and Week Ahead

Yesterday I joined fellow authors, Chelle Cordero and Charmaine Gordon at the Haverstraw Alliance for the Arts to give a program. Though we had only four people attending their interest kept us able to talk for the entire two hours of the time on several aspects of writing. The interest was great and would love to see our small speaker's bureau of three find other venues to give our talks.

Last week writing went well and now am within 2000 words of ending the saga. Then it will be down to nits and picks another term for revision. I really love that part of the process and find it satisfying when one finds some bit to add or to take away that makes a scene stronger. Not everyone enjoys thispart of the writing process but to me it's fun.

During the week ahead, I'll finish that 2000 words. On the blog tomorrow will see Bird to Bird Inspirations, More on Plot, Thursday an interview with Sapphire Phelan, Friday nearing the end of Writer's tips from Becoming Your Own Critique Partner, Saturday, part of the first segment of All Our Yesterdays, Sunday, three blog visits. I've found two neat ones already. Also on Sunday I'll be signing books at the library in Warwick, NY.

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