Monday, April 25, 2011

25 April -- Week Behind and Week Ahead

Another week in the past and another one ahead. Am still cleaning up Confrontations, trying to fill out the worst Author's information sheet I ever saw, doing an interview that won't be up until June but lest I forget I'll do it now. Have started what was a Sudden Seduction but I may change the name if I can think of another S to go with Seduction. Thank heavens for my critique group. I started the story and found I had two opening scenes. Read them both to the group and they helped me see where to start the story and while looking over this, I saw what needed to be added. That's a plus. So will be doing some work on it this week.

Also this week, Tuesday- still Bird By Bird, Wednesday more on Plot, Thursday the Collins are being interviewed. Friday a writer's tip and Saturday a Chapter - I think from A Minor Opposition Sunday will find 3 more blogs to visit.

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