Monday, April 18, 2011

18 April -- Week behind and week ahead

Last week found me cleaning up Confrontations. The process always takes some time but I figure in two weeks or so It will be ready to send. Thought a bit about how I write and I've decided I'm like a painter. Since I'm a draft writer, each draft adds a different element to the story. This can confuse my critique partners since the final story may not be what they heard at critique. Have started A Sudden Seduction but I'm not sure which character to open the book. I'll read both openings and see what the group thinks. Writing is so much fun and rather like solving puzzles. It's also a bit like whiplash since I'm going from YA fantasy to Adult contemporary. Keeps life interesting.

Strange thing. Years ago in 2003 I gave a class on writing -- internet story and received an email from one of the participants. He finished his book and even sent me the critique I wrote to him. He also sent me some chapters that as soon as things settle down I'll read. Not sure what he wants me to do but I will write back.

This week on the blog. Tomorrow - Still being inspired by Bird By Bird. Anne Lamott always sends my thoughts in different directions. Wednesday will continue with the Plot material. Thursday's interview is with Peggy Tibbets, a fellow YA author. Friday brings a writer's tip and Saturday the first chapter of The Dragons of Fyre. Sunday I'll visit three more blogs.

I have an interview on another blog coming up on Tuesday. Will promote that when I find who and where.

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