Friday, April 1, 2011

16 Hints on the Why inspired by Becoming Your Own Partner

Motivations are what make the stories go. Without characters who have reasons for their actions there would be no story. A character whose motivations don't suit the plot will make the story go flat. If the writer chooses a character bent on revenge and puts that character in a romantic comedy the reader will scratch their head. So...

Motivations must be equal to the goal. They can be either good or bad.

1 Motivations explain the character's actions
2. Motivations fit the plot.

Motivations are many things but the main ones are.
3. Internal
4. Can be internalized
5. Often contain secrets the character fears will be revealed.
6. Are often layered.
7. Goad the character into action.

Motivations lead to goals. With out a reason to desire something a character has no reason to reach for anything. There are many goals but they can usually be fitted into one of the following categories.
8. Survival
9. Love
10. Emotional or spiritual comfort
11. Power
12. Social acceptance

After looking at your character's reasons and selecting the goal how are these shown?
13. Reaction
14. Actions
15. Dialogue
16. Inner thoughts

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Nice, concise list. Thanks!
Liz Arnold
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