Monday, November 15, 2010

y Writing Life - November 15

We all have days when time seems to rush away on hurricane wings. Not that the holiday season is on the way it will be more so. Last week was mine. There were two days when little writing was done. For most people this wouldn't mean much but I have self-imposed deadlines that are more stringent than those set by editors. The last time I sold a book before it was completed, I had a deadline of January 51st. I sent the completed book to the editor before Thanksgiving. That was on my time schedule.

How are you at setting deadlines for yourself? Often that seems to be many writer's problems. They can't pace themselves and allow someone else to set limits. Which kind of writer are you. A self pusher or another person pusher?

Back to my week. Did have a meeting with two writer friends and we set up what we hope will be some speaking engagements at libraries or other places where people like to listen to writers talk. One will see what happens. There's also something else in the works with this group and we'll see what happens in the future.

Saturday at HVRWA we had a guest speaker, a knowledgeable editor for Wild Rose Press. She talked about writing and editing and gave some very good tips to those
attending. Since I'm in a fantasy mode these days, this isn't the place for me but who knows what will happen when I finish the multitude of works I have outlined and will finish the clusters of stories I started.

Now to my current work in progress -- Confrontations. I am now 2 fifths done with thestory but it took an extra day to reach that goal. Wanted to finish this before the first of the year, but feel it will be the end of January before I come up and can start a new project. Not sure how other writers feel, but I'm always heading to the new work but know the old must be finished before I can move on. I think the pull is because the hero of the next book has finally accepted a heroine. I have presented him with three and the story stopped after the opening scene. He did not like the woman he met. I believe he will like the fourth since she has a good reason not to like him.


Taryn Kincaid said...

Not sure if you're aware, but TWRP does have a fantasy lines (Faery Rose line) and a paranormal line (Black Rose line). They have to be romances, though.

Anonymous said...

Currently, I set deadlines for myself. I like to have a goal in mind. Usually I set a longer goal, like completing project X by a certain date, and then I have an idea of what kind of word count I'd like to achieve each day. Life gets in the way sometimes, but so far I'm doing well setting my own goals! And I agree with you. It's always good to finish one project before you take on the next.