Monday, November 1, 2010

My Writing LIfe - Nov. 1

Last week was a rather slow one for writing but I had a bit of promoting to do. I can report that I am now a fifth done with Confrontations and hopefully by next week to make that two fifths. The story is evolving but that is the way I write. I'm not sure many people write this way. So many of my writing friends seem not to be able to move on until they have perfected the scene or chapter they are working on. That would drive me crazy. Isn't it wonderful that when one really becomes a writer they come up with their own way of doing things. I know in the beginning I read every book on writing I could find and sometimes I was confused. I also tried everything. Found some three by five cards the other day that I had been using to work on characters and a story like. Found charts, too using GMC. That only sort of worked. Finally I found my own way. I truly believe every writer does.

On my blog, the challenge to other writers didn't work so I'm going to start on Saturdays posting chapter one of all my books, one at a time. Flight is up and Refuge will go up next week. Since they're a series I decided to go with the first one first.

I am also a featured writer here I'm a featured writer here with a neat interview.

Then for the six sentences I was silly and did the chapter titles from Becoming Your Own Critique Partner.

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