Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blog Jog Day and other things

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As usual I'll post my six sentences here. These are from Requiem Murder published by DiskUs

On Groundhog day when Robspierre, my Main Coon cat jumped from his seat on the window seat, one thought popped into my head. Who? After following him to the kitchen, I watched him push his bulky brown and black body through the hinged opening at the bottom of the door. Moments later I peered down the dimly lit stairwell. Robiesperre had sprawled in the center of the third step and blocked my visitor's progress.

"Good grief, Katherine, I hope he's not planning to bite me again." Edward Potter, pastor of St. Stephen's Episcopal church glared at the cat.


Suzanne Lieurance said...


Nice to meet you as part of the Blog Jog Day trail.

I love cozy mysteries, so I'll come back often.

One tip - you say "effect" in your tagline, when you mean "affect." Isn't it HARD to proof our own stuff? I always appreciate other people helping me see my typos and grammatical mistakes because I just can't see them sometimes on my own sites. Hope you feel the same.

Happy writing and jogging!

Suzanne Lieurance
The Working Writer's Coach

Malcolm R. Campbell said...

Stopping by to say HELLO on Blog Jog Day.

Have a great Thanksgiving week.


Anne K. Albert said...

Hi Janet, Happy Blog Jog Day!

Anonymous said...

Another great snippet this week! That Maine Coon cat reminds me of my mom's cat. Can't say as I like that cat... :)

Unknown said...

Really nice job! Hope your Blog Jog day is going well!

Unknown said...

Happy Blog Jog Day!