Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inspiration -- The Writer's Journey continued - The Road Back

According to Vogler even though the hero or heroine has taken the treasure, the adventure isn't over. He or she must take the road back. Now this road isn't without danger. Often the character is pursued by enemies or by well-meaning friends who chase after them.

Thinking about this puzzled me for a bit until I thought about what happens when the hero or heroine has the knowledge that they can win. To have the victory this character must be able to show the world that they have defeated the villain, their inner problems or can win their dream. This isn't as easy as it seems.

Put me in mind of my cozy mysteries, while the heroine knows who or why a murder was committed she still has to prove to the world that what she knows is true. Because I like happy endings when writing of her quest to discover the murderer, this part of her journey must be played out in full. In Murder and Mint Tea she must attend a funeral. In Requiem Murder she needs to see that the innocent aren't destroyed. And in the other mysteries she has things to prove to others. Not always easy and not always the solutions others want.

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