Monday, November 22, 2010

My Writing Life - Surprises Nov. 22

A gift from blog jog day will go to Suzanne Lieurance. She can either contact me or I'll hunt her down.

Surprises are a good thing. Today I learned that Healwoman - Dark Moon has been released in electronic form with the print copy to follow in a month or so. I'm beginning to lose track of how many this means this year. Though some had been electronic before three came to print. The problem lies in that I have two more releases plus an novella and then Pubs are caught up and I must write more. Writing goes slower than I'd like but that's because the holidays are approaching and there are other things to take my time,

Was going to talk about the Blog Jog that ran yesterday. Actually went fairly well. I visited about twenty or so places but for some I could not post a comment since one of the sites where blogs are hosted seldom takes my comments. Several of the blogs bounced me off the internet. I did gain two followers and posted to follow several others. I think I would do this again and hope the results were better.

Work on The Henge Betrayed -- Confrontations continues and hopefully I'll have it finished during the first quarter of next year.

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