Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We've all heard that clothes make the man or woman. Is this true. When I began writing my characters were mostly nurses and doctors. Yes, their clothes showed a bit about their characters. How does this follow through to the people you put in your stories. The clothes a character chooses can give a picture of their personality. The colors they select. If your character always dresses in drab colors think about what this says about them. A character who wears tight fitting clothes made to display their body also says something about their nature. When out shopping or sitting in a restaurant, observe the clothes people are wearing and try ti put a word or two that you think fits their character. Does the elderly woman wear clothes suited to a younger person? What does this say about her. So when you're dressing your character think about what they choose to wear as another level in showing who they are.

Now let's look at a character's surroundings. Do they decorate with colors or go with plain and ordinary? What kind of objects are displayed in their space. A few short descriptions of how they live can bring them to life. One of my stories speaks about the character who collected cups and saucers and had them on every surface of the rooms where they lived. So decide how you're going to surround yourself. You don't have to put much in, just a touch will help show the reader what your characters are like.

Remember when doing this, a light hand is better than a heavy one. Stories used to abound in this kind of descriptions but these days they don't. But try to remember all the tricks to show others what your characters are like.

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