Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inspirations - Vogler again

We're nearing the end of The Writer's Journey. I've learned a bit about structuring a book and I hope what I've gleaned and tried to put in my view as a writer has hoped people. This time it's called Resurrection. Comes as the hero or heroine emerges into the real world. I puzzled over this since it seemed as if the hero or heroine has a second dark moment. After thinking for a time, I decided at least in my case this means the hero or heroine will bring what they have learned into their life. For me what comes after the character is totally convinced they will lost whatever they strive for and this negative belief is shattered. Then comes hope and knowledge. Those are the things the hero or heroine should bring to their life.

The knowledge gained makes the character a new person, not completely but the goals may change or the manner of obtaining them may be different. So in a way the character is resurrected.

How do your characters deal with this aspect of their story? Are they changed?

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